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Governanza favorable

Voting is not enough

Where there is a will there is no always a way. We want to generate and gain power and to do so we'll need to learn some useful techniques. Find out some interesting ways to do that.

Adquisición de capacidades

Long life learning

Building a fair world is a paramount task. Cannot help but learn as much as we need. Here you'll find some interesting ideas. If you got different ideas, don't hesitate to share!

Toma de conciencia

Wake up!

We can't change what we don't understand. So we need to know ourselves, our society and our environment. But, first, we'll have to fix the media.

Ciudadanía Tecnología y Empoderamiento

Citizenship, technology and empowerment

Why do we, the people, need to be empowered? It's easy... to build a fair world. Let's civic hack the system. Join us!!!



A short list of Free and Open Source Software repositories and some useful tools. Take a look and decide if you really need proprietary software.



A brief introduction to Gnu/Linux and distributions to promote computer user freedom and to alert about the danger of a society losing control over its computing.

Free Software

Free software

An inconvenient reflection about freedom in Digital Society. This material considers some key points about freedom in the actual digital world made by Richard Stallman.


Creativity techniques

Three of my favourite creative problem solving techniques. They can be used in all aspects of life. These slides were used at data journalism course in July 2017.

Conceptual maps

Conceptual maps

Learning is not an easy way. Doing it in a significant matter is even harder. Fortunately, we've got the conceptual maps to make it!

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De la cultura hacker al civic hacking.

Maybe, you've heard talk about us. We're civic hackers. It's time for truly knowing us.

Propuesta Representación Colaborativa - Grup Càlam.

Propuesta Representación Colaborativa - Grup Càlam.

When you realise Representative Democracy is not enough to create a fair society there just one way... develop an alternative.

Hacking cívico y empoderamiento de la ciudadanía

Hacking cívico y empoderamiento de la ciudadanía

This text was originally published in the book 'Radiografiando la democracia' published by CEU Universidad Cardenal Herrera and AVAPOL. 2016.

Crowdsourcing: A New Way to Citizen Empowerment

Crowdsourcing: A New Way to Citizen Empowerment

This text was originally published in the book 'Advances in Crowdsourcing' published by Springer International Publishing. 2015.

Political parties positioning.

Political parties positions on Sustainable Development.

Policy manifestos should worth the paper they were written on. Analysing them is a good way to do so. 2014.

Crowdsourcing information analysis for social good.

Crowdsourcing information analysis for social good.

Information is not power. Knowledge is power. So let us transform information into knowledge. It is time for crowdsourcing information analysis. 2014.

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Big Data and political participation.

In 2013 we tried to figure out the way big data could enhanced our political participation. Here you can find out where we got.

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Political activist. Civic hacker. Policy manifestos analyst. PhD. Lecturer at UPV.


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